duaak90 asked:

Please help >>> SO, I was updating my 4s to the latest ios by plunging it to the iTunes and while it was updating the plug disconnected from my laptop and my 4s shutdown so I plug it again to the laptop and when I did it told me to restore it and I don't want to cuz I didn't sing in to the cloud and i have a lot of impotent stuff in it that I don't want to lose .

Ouch! It’s a really bad thing! Well, backup is the first thing you have to do when you’re thinking to update. But now you can try turn off your iPhone and plug to a PC or Mac and pray to turn on. If nothing happens you can also try holding the both buttons at the same time for a few seconds, when appear something you turn off and connect into a PC or Mac again, if anything happens…well, then you must to restore your iPhone and consequently you’ll loose all your files.

I hope I’ve helped! After tell me what you did to solve this problem ;)

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